We can’t put a price on learning. That’s why our plans start from FREE!

Uzity, the most affordable online learning solution for your organization.
Public organization
Open courses – Unlimited
Closed courses – 20
500 users/organization
Includes Admins, Instructors, and Learners
No video and audio upload
Email Support
1 day response time
Private and Public organization
Unlimited Open, Closed, and Hidden courses
Unlimited users/organization
Unlimited HD video and audio upload
Priority Support
4 hours response time

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join Uzity?
Absolutely nothing! All new Uzity accounts are totally free. And if you were wondering, We do not ask for a credit or debit card during signup. If you are planning to offer closed and hidden courses and invite more users to join your organization, you may be interested in upgrading your organization to PRO.
Can I upgrade my organization to PRO at any time?
Yes, and it's easy. Just go to the “Plans” page in your Organization Settings and send us a request.
Do I need to purchase a PRO plan separately for all organisations that I own?
Yes. Each Uzity organization is their own separate entity. Hence each organization must have its own PRO plan.
Are there discounted Uzity subscriptions for non-profit organizations ?
We do provide discounts if you are a non-profit organization or an organization that offers free knowledge. Get in touch with us to learn more.
I still have more questions, who can I talk to?
You can always email us at or call +91 8033 0133 63 if you have questions.