5 Tips to Market Your Open Online Course

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Free Tips To Help You Market Your Open Online Course

So you have created a world-class open online course using the best subject matter experts. You have worked tirelessly to design the most engaging student experience. You have painstakingly perfected every multimedia element in your online course! But you are still struggling to get students on board. All of your effort seems to be futile.  Don’t worry! We got you covered. Here are a few tips on marketing your course online. 

 Leverage Your Existing Audience

The first place that you can start marketing your content is your existing audience. You can announce your course to friends, family and professional associates, asking them to sign up if they are interested. Share your course in their networks. If you have a website, then you could leverage your website audience by offering a special discounted price for the launch of your course.

Use Search Engine Optimization

If you are trying to promote your online course, Search Engine Optimization should also be at the top of your strategy list. Ensure that your open online course description incorporates keyword-rich, updated, and relevant content. By increasing the ‘searchability’ of your course, you will be able to improve its ranking on google search thus pushing it to the top pages when your target audience researches courses online.

Participate in Social Media Groups

Engaging with prospective learners through a niche related  on Facebook or LinkedIn groups is a great way to reach out to. Instead of spamming members of these group with your sales pitch, you can build your profile by providing insightful and valuable suggestion in various conversations. Thereby cementing your impression as a knowledgeable subject matter expert. When you do announce your course over these groups, you are more likely to attract signups from interested students.

Offer a Sneak Peek Of Your  Online Course

Often prospective students are sitting on the fence about a course. They need an extra push to be convinced before they click on the ‘enroll’ button. One easy way to capture their attention is by offering a free preview of your online course. This can include access to the first few modules of the course or access to an intriguing introduction to the course. Think of it like a movie trailer/teaser, once the audience gets a taste of what’s to come they are more than willing to make a purchase.

Ask Satisfied Learners To Endorse Your Course.

One of the biggest endorsements for your online course comes from learners who have completed and are satisfied with your course. You can encourage your students to leave you reviews or online on your social media page. Additionally, you can also conduct surveys with the help of feedback forms. Use the positive feedback as a marketing element for other upcoming courses and the critical ones to improve on your content. 

These tips will help your reach out to a wider audience and increase your course sales. Time and effort spent in developing your course shouldn’t go to waste so, start reaching out to your audience by following these tips today or better yet, get on Uzity!