Five Compelling Reasons for HR Managers to Adopt Online Learning Platforms for Employees

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In today’s dynamic business environment, business goals are constantly evolving. The standards in customer service continually changing. In such a competitive environment, how does an organization stay one step ahead of their competitors?


The answer lies in strategic and tactical thinking in all aspects of a business. Primarily includes training employees. One of the greatest challenges for companies today is to ensure that their staff is equipped with the latest skills and core competencies needed in the growth of the company.


How do you create a corporate culture that supports employee development? Without impacting the business? Without driving the costs of employee development programs through the roof?


And this is the reason that strategic human resources managers are looking at online learning platforms as a practical strategy to provide consistent training to employees. Although new employee training programs need a physical presence. However, over the past few years, online learning and training platforms have proven to be an effective solution for providing flexible, consistent and modern training for new hires.

Let’s Look at Some of the Benefits of Online Learning Platforms to HR Managers


1) Saves Time

Training a group of employees has traditionally been seen as a cost, involving time away from work, but this changes with online training where HR managers who have opted for using online training tools can give their employees a choice of learning without disrupting their daily workload. Employees can decide when they want to learn as well as how much learning content they want to consume at one session.

2) Appealing to Millennials

Millennials are often defined as the first generation of digital natives, who were born and raised during the age of technological changes. This group expects modern technologies to be an integral part of their daily lifestyle including using technology to consume training programs at their workplace. Hence providing technology-based training to the Millennials generation is a perfect strategy to engage with this generation and make training effective and appealing to them.

3) Easy to Update

As business goals evolve, using online learning platforms makes it easy to update existing learning content on the system with minimal costs and add new modules that focus on the changing vision of the business.

4) Easy to Customise

Online learning systems also offer a great advantage of being customizable. HR managers are able to customize the course according to the profile of the learner without spending too much effort and money. For instance, multinational companies with offices in multiple countries can use the same course material but can change the language of instruction to suit the learner.  

5) Improve Employee Retention

By ensuring that your employees get regular training and self-paced learning modules, you can help them further their professional goals and keep them motivated to improve their job performance. Motivated employees are better advocates of your brand and more likely to stay loyal to their jobs.

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