Uzity fits well wherever learning happens

whether it's in the classroom, in the workplace, or at home.

Teaching anyone, anywhere, anytime has never been this easy and convenient. Uzity is a powerful new way to create and deliver rich, interactive online learning experiences people will love. Our LMS gives you the tools and flexibility to scale your learning initiatives regardless of industry, size, or location.

Uzity for Colleges and Schools

Think outside the classroom, think online learning.
Institutions around the globe are realizing that the next generation of learning is here — online learning. With online learning playing a significant role in education, it's time you embrace it, with Uzity. Uzity partners with the top universities, colleges, and schools around the world to offer online courses for anyone to take. Teachers can offer complete courses on the Internet, or even add a web–based component to their traditional classroom courses.
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Start with your current courses

You already have all the course content. Leverage Uzity’s easy-to-use course creation tools to quickly transform your teaching materials into beautiful online courses.

Connect your institution

Imagine having one online learning platform that is easily accessible and connects everyone in your institution. A centralized place for teachers and students to engage, communicate, and collaborate with each other.

Track student achievements

Track the progress of your entire class as they study a course. Know exactly how much of the course each student has completed.

Your recipe to keep students engaged

Deliver a stimulating learning experience that suits your students, be it blended learning, hybrid learning, or a flipped classroom.

Reach a global audience

Make your courses accessible to more students around the globe and bring in more revenue.

Log in and start instantly

Uzity requires no installation or training. With a simple, intuitive interface, you can literally start creating your courses in minutes.

Srinivas Institute of Management Studies

Srinivas Institute of Management Studies was looking at ways to digitize their courses so students could learn at their own pace and time. They wanted a system that was user friendly and allowed teachers to easily share learning resources. The institution launched a pilot program by digitizing their MBA course using Uzity. Now teachers easily share previous year question papers, case studies, and other resources through Uzity. Due to the pilot program's success, the university has decided to digitize all other courses they offer.
“Uzity is helping our students to learn and collaborate even when they are away from campus.”
Dr. P.S. Aithal - Principal

Uzity for Business

Keep your employees up-to-speed with the skills they need to be successful.
The skills required for employees to succeed in today's competitive business environment change faster than ever before. For companies to respond quickly to changing requirements, employees require timely, focused training. Uzity is the next generation online learning platform that helps companies deliver cost-effective online training that is engaging, trackable, and can be aligned with organization goals.
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Scalable and centralized learning

One powerful online learning platform to build and scale your training programs so the entire company can benefit at all times.

Continuous learning

Uzity helps you build a strong learning culture that keeps employees motivated to continually learn new skills on the job.

Save time, money, and resources

Replace your in-person trainings with self-paced courses to drive greater productivity and improve outcomes.

Personalized training

Leverage Uzity’s easy-to-use course creation tools to structure and develop courses according to specific employee training needs.

Anywhere, anytime training

Enable your employees make the best use of their time by learning new skills or brushing up on existing ones anytime, anywhere.

Log in and start instantly

With a simple, intuitive interface, you and your team can immediately get started with creating courses and delivering training.

Foradian Technologies

With a quickly growing workforce, Foradian Technologies was faced with the challenge of training their new employees on their products in a more efficient way. So Foradian replaced the traditional in-person training with Uzity to train its new employees on their products. Foradian’s new approach allowed them to speed up training and enable new staff become efficient and productive almost immediately.
“Uzity has helped us accelerate new hire training which has in turn increased employee productivity and saved us money and time.”
Aprajita Gupta - Training and Development Team

Uzity for Subject Experts

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world.
After spending years building your expertise and honing your skills in a particular field, you now need a tool to transform your knowledge into an online course and get recognized and rewarded. Uzity is that tool!
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Your course, your style

Uzity’s easy-to-use course creation tools will help you structure and shape your course content according to your teaching style.

Extend your reach

Imagine your courses teaching millions of learners rather than only a classroom of them.